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Video Marketing Beginners Guide

Have you ever heard this phrase? Out of sight is out of mind. Well, this doesn’t apply only to those failed long-distance relationships.

When it comes to marketing, everyone wants to create a space in their audience’s subconscious mind. If you are a marketing professional, I suggest you watch this Tv series called “Mad Men.” Based on Revolution in the advertising and marketing industry in the 60s, the show revolves around how a team of marketing professionals helped most of the major https://www.cucumber7.com/ brands during that era to create some of the most sensational marketing campaigns. Unfortunately, during the 60s, most of them relied on the art department to create new posters Because they understood the importance of creating an identity in their audience’s mind, and that worked for them. But we Humans are curious creatures. Over the period, the industry begins to saturate with the artwork posters. Hence, everyone thought that if a photo’s worth a thousand words, then how much more valuable is a video?

Video marketing is a tool to advertise your product through a convincing story that will effectively address your audience’s problem and provide them a practical solution through the means of acting, date, graphics, etc.

Today in 2020, 87% of marketing professionals use video as a marketing tool. The Art of Story Telling through a video has become one of the most important parts of marketing strategy. As far as my memory goes back, I remember the Zu Zu advertisement by Vodafone during the world cup matches. It bought in a whole new wave of creative video marketing.

In Today’s era of the smartphone, the world had become more accessible than ever. Generating video content has become more comfortable and sturdy since every piece of gadget is loaded with tons of Softwares and best camera technology. Right from a fashion blogger to a food blogger, everyone is creating their content and stores through videos. Also because Today, on average, a person spends approx 100 mins each day watching videos. So now, do you understand the potential of videos?

If you’re asking yourself, “Why do I need video marketing for my business?” we’re here to tell you! The benefits of video marketing are vast. Incorporating video into your marketing initiatives, from your social media marketing to your email marketing, website and blog content, and more is an effective way to drive everything from engagement to click-throughs, sales, and more.

We’ll touch on many of the ways to do this later on in the guide when we get into video ideas.

But just making a video is enough? Nope, my friend, It takes more than just acting or background to create a compelling video that will capture the viewer’s attention. You have to take care of things like

Determine who your target audience is

Define video marketing goals

Set your video budget

Figure out how to produce videos

Decide what types of videos to make

Figure out how to measure success

All successful marketing Videos must start with research – who are you targeting? What kind of content tends to resonate with your target audience, and what channels are they most likely to be? There’s little point in making great video content and paying to have it play on a website that is most like not being browsed or visited by your target audience. A lot of such factors affect your video marketing strategy.

Sometimes it is essential to know what your other competitors are offering to their target audience. You don’t necessarily need to copy them, but you can note down on what sort of issue they are addressing through their videos and how effectively they are providing a solution to them.

I have realized one thing is that a lot of content gets created daily, and it has become more difficult to outreach your content to your target audience. But that doesn’t mean that you should bombard your audience with your posts. Remember that Another critical factor is time. You have to provide a solution at the right time. Only then it is 100% effective. Also, people are growing more impatient, so you have to address their need for quick fixation of their problems. They won’t entertain your content if it’s not relevant to that specific time. Like if you make a video about how to wear a suede jacket video in summer, do you think it is appropriate for the current weather?

I hope I was able to address a few crucial points that you’ll need to focus on when creating your video marketing strategy. Remember, the key to success here is creating unique and engaging content that reaches your audience at the right time through the right medium. We Shall discuss a few more things in our next blog. Till then Keep rolling.

Incorporating video into your marketing initiatives, from your social media marketing to your email marketing. To help you navigate on your journey of video marketing. Mangesh Rane is here to help you out.

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