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Three Most Used Methods of Video Calling And Conferencing

The term, “video call” implies on a virtual meeting of two or more people sitting at their remote locations. This process is also given the name of video conferencing that has suddenly become the lifeline of businesses and people across the globe because of COVID-19 pandemic. Different setups and different kinds of hardware are used to facilitate a video call and in the past some years, the technologies used in the process have advanced drastically. Here in this post, we have purely focussed on different calling or video conferencing options that people have these days for personal or business use.

Desktop Applications

According to the experts, for those staying in the office throughout the day, this happens to be the ideal solution.

The good thing is that major vendors offer support for desktop applications to make them capable of facilitating a video calling session.

Some applications are needed that can be downloaded for free from the Internet and using them, users access the latest product releases and feature.

Some of these features and facilities availed by them are –

Scheduling, hosting, and joining

Collaborating with HD video and audio

Screen share, application share and uploaded video share

Chat and Annotation

Browser-Based Video calling

Browser based video calling or video conferencing is another very impressive way of getting in touch with others through video calling. The best feature of this type of calling is that you will not have to download any software or https://www.cucumber7.com/ application for this. You will be able to use your web browser that is supported by webRTC or web REAL TIME COMMNICATION for making and taking video calls on different devices or applications. According to the experts, this type of video conferencing is ideal for businesses that have to interact a lot with their customers and clients because there is no need of any application, etc.

To initiate the video conferencing, you’ll simply have to send the link to the people whom you want to talk to.

In this regards, experts say that when evaluating video conferencing solutions, it is important to ask if they offer full WebRTC based options. The reason is again the same that webRTC will enable 2-way video, audio and content sharing through the browser with zero downloads required.

The biggest feature of this type of conferencing Call is that it is supported by webRTC or REAL TIME CALLING standard.

Because of this feature, it becomes ideal for those wanting to join the meeting or conference from outside the organisation.


With phone systems for small businesses getting more and more advanced, mobile or smart device based video conferencing is gaining more and more popularity.

The main advantage is that these video calls and conferences can be done even with people on the go provided that they have high speed Internet access in the device. Joining this type of video call is very easy as the user will simply need a vendor’s proprietary mobile app or he can leverage WebRTC and participate within a Smartphone’s browser. As mentioned above, connectivity on the go is the biggest advantage of this technology used in video conferencing, but as said above, high speed Internet connectivity would be required. Some applications may also be needed that can be downloaded and they all support Android and iOS devices.

Then, there is also an option of leveraging webRTC and use browser for joining the video call and this way, again, there would be no requirement of additional software in the desktop.

However, it is recommended to download the meeting app of the mobile as from there, they can get a complete access to all the features of mobile-based video conferencing.

Mobile conferencing allows users to join anywhere with a Wi-Fi signal or by connecting via the data plan provided by a cellular carrier.

David Meadow is associated with Aria Technology, a company offering Unified Communication solutions. Aria Tech also offers Video Conference System, Conference phone systems, Voip phone systems and Business Office Phone Systems that help simple to understand and it means virtual meeting between two or more people using advanced quality software and hardware, video calling or video conferencing is another very impressive way of getting in touch with others through video calling. Either Desktop Applications, Browser-Based or Mobile-Based Vedio Call . With the advent of advanced telecommunication systems or imperative to upgrade your communication system so as to ensure success in the global market.

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