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Robert “Bobby” McCoskey

Birth Date: November 12, 1964
Passed On: December 30, 1899
From: Clarksville, Indiana
-162086400 years old

About Robert "Bobby"

Bobby was born on December 11, 1964, and passed of Covid on April 29th. He was 55 but due to an intellectual disability, he was a really a big kid. He was a Salvation Army Bell Ringer for decades, a Special Olympian, and Assistant Boy Scout Leader.


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Robert "Bobby"'s Accomplishments

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A Personal Message

A Man With A Heart By Nicholas Trotter (Bobby’s nephew)
“Once a year I would get a phone call from Bobby. “Hey. Don’t tell mom, but I took her phone. I wanted to call you.”, was how those conversations would always start. I loved those calls.”
  That’s the kind of man Robert McCoskey was. Kind, thoughtful, and always a little bit goofy. To say he could light up a room doesn’t do him justice. No cliche could. Robert, or Bobby as he was affectionately known, brought joy with him everywhere he went. Always the life of the party and taking the time to make everyone smile. Bobby chose to spend his life giving back to the world, a world he always brought out the best in. Spending his winters volunteering, Bobby had been ringing the Salvation Army bell outside stores since he was a kid (always bringing in the most donations with his warmth and holiday cheer), helping out in food and toy drives, and wearing his Santa Claus outfit. That’s how I’d like to the world to remember Bobby, the real-life Santa Claus. He carried joy in his heart and his heart on his sleeve, which he shared everywhere he went. His good deeds didn’t stop there though, in fact… they didn’t seem to stop anywhere. He volunteered at church drives, yard sales, the scouts, and was known to give the shirt off his back, literally.   Bobby had made a name for himself in the scouts. The Boy Scouts of America have recognized Robert “Bobby” McCoskey with achievements and honors such as being made a Life Scout, Order of The Arrow, and became Assistant Scout Master in his time with the scouts. He happily spent his time camping and teaching other scouts sign language. A skill he also brought home to teach his little sister as well. You’d be hard-pressed to find Bobby not helping someone or bringing joy. Now you may not know this, but Bobby was also a world-class bowler. Bowling was one of life’s greatest gifts to Bobby and one he was passionate about. That passion paid off when he competed & was awarded the silver medal in the Special Olympics. He was always an Olympian, now everyone knows it.   The loss of Bobby McCoskey is a loss for the world. Bobby loved to travel and meet new people. With a nose for adventure and a kind heart, Bobby had no shortage of friends. Always a man for funny hats and good times, making impressions was his thing. You can mention his name across the country, and someone will pipe up and ask how’s he’s been. Then they’ll tell you a story from some beach or party however many years ago. Always helping. Always lending a hand. It may have been while ringing a bell, riding his bike, or wiping the floor with you at the bowling alley… Bobby was always the sweetest, kindest and funniest man. While he’s left a hole in our hearts and in our lives, such a kind man will have a good seat in the kingdom of heaven. Rest in peace Bobby, and may heaven have a lane waiting for you.   Robert McCoskey leaves behind a grieving family. Survived by his mother Roberta, brothers Brian, Tim, Kent Jr., George, and his sister Debra. He was a wonderful son, an amazing brother, and the most loving uncle his many nieces and nephews could’ve asked for.

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