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Patricia Singletary

Birth Date: March 15, 1941
Passed On: May 2, 2020
From: Thomasville, Georgia USA
-908841600 years old

About Patricia

Patricia Singletary was the oldest of twelve. She was born and raised in Meigs, GA on a sprawling farm owned by her father a successful Tobacco Farmer. She was bright and full of life in high school. She declined a scholarship to the University of Georgia to marry. She married Terry Singletary and had 3 children: Shelia, Gene, and Shanna. She was a loving, creative, and protective mother. She was empathetic and opened her home to everyone and anyone. She loved to entertain. She wrote letters to every extended family member on their birthday. She was a prolific reader and she loved to write. She loved cooking…old movies….and music. She was a loving Grandmother to 7 Grandchildren and 4 Great Grandchildren. She gave with an Abundant Unselfish love….the more she had the more she gave. She loved God and her family with all of her might.  


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Patricia's Accomplishments

I love the idea of a forest for our loved ones lost to COVID-19 ….a forest representing the hundreds of thousands of lives lost. The magnitude of those lives combined, and the fact that each tree alone is gorgeous individually with roots and branches sprawling across generations. My mother was like a beautiful tree….sometimes blossoming bright and happy like crape myrtle, sometimes a weeping willow, sometimes a large oak protecting her family with her branches, and oftentimes a Pine tree that remains through storms and fires as she grows taller towards her Heavenly Father. Patricia Singletary survived many seasons, and it breaks our hearts her tree fell alone in a forest without her family there to comfort her.

A Personal Message

Our mother did not have the easiest life, and she struggled with her health and some personal difficulties, and it breaks our heart that the end of her life was spent without her family in a hospital having not been physically touched by her family since March. She made it through so much, but it took a pandemic to take her away from us. We know she is strong and basking in the light of her Heavenly Father now, but she will be forever Loved and Missed by her entire family.

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