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Marguerite Woodford

Birth Date: May 16, 1949
Passed On: May 1, 2020
From: My Mum was born in Old Swan, Liverpool and spent her retirement years in Frodsham
-651024000 years old

About Marguerite

My Mum was the salt of the earth a true Liverpool lady who wore her heart on her sleeve and always put others before herself. My Mum met and married my Dad in Cornwall in 1971 and they were inseparable sadly she was widowed in 2016 and her broken heart never healed. My Mum was very maternal and we myself and my brother Mark were showered with so much love and laughter as children she was always so much fun to be around. A music lover with the best collection of vinyl albums I had ever seen she was always playing music and always singing. We were educated with The Beatles, Marvin Gaye, Simon and Garfunkel the list goes on and on. Mum was also a fantastic artist and spent hours painting and drawing when we were young. Our last outing together was in January 2020 and I took her to see an Elton John tribute show in Liverpool and she loved every minute of it….a memory I will treasure forever.


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Marguerite's Accomplishments

We all miss her dearly she was the best Nan to my children Rodney and Lennon they loved going to her house when they were small for sleepovers and days out on the bus or the train. Hands-on is an understatement she was the best Nan ever so full of love and laughter she absolutely adored my boys. My eldest son had his first child in January a little boy called Teddy and Mum would have been delighted knowing she was a Great-Nan. We all miss her so much.

A Personal Message

One thing I will never forget is the strength she showed during a six-week stay in the hospital recovering from two mild strokes before she contacted this awful disease. Mum was fully aware of Covid and the first lockdown as we couldn’t visit her. Her spirits were high and her strength blew my mind “ I’ll be home soon and I will be painting again” even when she tested positive for Covid she still told me she would fight it. I feel robbed of so much time with my Mum as I was only allowed one visit in nearly 8 weeks and that was to say Goodbye. The sad thing was that my Mum knew why I had gone to visit and she still told me she was ok.

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