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Linda Lodge

Birth Date: November 13, 1946
Passed On: January 14, 2021
From: Thurrock, Essex
-730080000 years old

About Linda

Mum was a successful Wife, Mother of 3 Daughters, Grandmother to 6 Grandchildren and Great Grandmother to 6 Great Grandchildren.  She was vivacious, bubbly and chatty.  Known to chat to anyone that crossed her path.  Mum had 55 years of a successful marriage to our Dad (who we also sadly lost to covid, they died 6 days apart).  Mum leaves a legacy of true family values.  She selflessly helped many people that crossed her path  nothing was a problem for mum she had a resolution for almost everything.  She was loved by all and never short of friends, young and old.  We take great comfort knowing that the successful marriage our mum and dad had on the physical earth they are still together forever somewhere in the Universe.  They have both left a legacy of love, friendship and true values.  A generation lost that we will never get back.


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Linda's Accomplishments

Dedicating a tree provides a living, growing memorial to our Mum who sadly lost her life suddenly to covid.  This is a poignant way of remembering her while helping create woodland habitats that will benefit people and the wildlife for many years to come. Mum  loved her garden and was always pottering around while sitting and listening to the birds chirping. We will take great comfort in knowing that by planting a tree in Mum’s memory she is giving back to the environment.

A Personal Message

Mum was our Queen, always on the end of the phone, always there to answer your questions.  Her Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren will miss their kisses and cuddles.  You always knew you had a kiss from mum as she would leave her lipstick mark on your cheek….how we wish we could have kept those kiss marks!   We all have a huge hole in our hearts we will never forget our Mum, her laughter, banter and kindness – one of a kind.

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