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Karen Kellett

Birth Date: September 23, 1944
Passed On: March 21, 2020
From: Nottingham
-797558400 years old

About Karen

Karen had a huge heart, a kind soul, and she lived for her family and friends who will remember her always. Karen lived around the East Midlands, moving often due to her love of new houses, and she made good friends wherever she went. During her career Karen dedicated herself to roles which cared for the welfare of others, and this care continued in her retirement when she cared for her Grandchildren, Alice and Sonny. A keen watercolour artist, and charity shop shopper, Karen had an unrivalled collection of both art, and clothes and declared her space “the more cluttered the better”. Karen’s beloved husband Peter predeceased her in 2006, but remained her only true love until they were reunited in death in 2020. In her final years Karen lived with her children (Daughter Claire, and Son-in-law Richard), and Grandchildren, and said these were her happiest times. She could find joy in even the most chaotic moments of family life, although she was never afraid to issue a stern telling off if one was needed. A source of warmth, vibrance and constant love Karen’s death has left a hole in all of our lives.


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Karen's Accomplishments

The cruelty of bereavement during the pandemic is not being able to mourn with others, and although Karen has a private memorial at the home she loved and shared with us, we were unable to share our goodbyes with others. Dedicating a memory tree in the forest of memories provides a place of permanent reflection for all of those who wish to remember, even if the pandemic kept them physically apart.

A Personal Message

Karen was my Mum, my friend and constant cheerleader. Her love never wavered or faultered and only multiplied further when she became a Grandma. There is an empty space in our home and our hearts where Karen once sat, but she is remembered always, her name is spoken daily, and she is present in the laughter as well as the tears we now share.

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