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Jason Lee Jones

Birth Date: June 15, 1975
Passed On: April 13, 2020
172022400 years old

About Jason Lee

Jason was a very loyal and dedicated family man. He made the effort to keep in touch with everyone, remember important dates and attend family celebrations even when his conditions made it extremely painful and uncomfortable for him. He was a confidant to many, able to keep discussions private and support those he cared about. His children Lacey and Jamie-Lee were his absolute world along with his grandchildren Michael-John and Vienna and his nieces Darcie and Dion.


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Jason Lee's Accomplishments

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A Personal Message

Jason was born in the South London Hospital for women and grew up in Mitcham, Surrey. He was planning to move to Bognor Regis this year for a fresh start and to be nearer his son, sister (me) and nieces. Mitcham was the main home town for most of his life and when he passed away.   Jason was a lively child, able to function with hardly any sleep and boundless energy. He loved playing out on his bike and was very popular so had many friends. Not keen on school, when he left, Jason joined the family business and worked with his Dad and Uncle Kevin. He was a hard-working man until out of the blue he developed autoimmune diseases; Polymyositis, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Scleroderma which changed his life dramatically. Through difficult times he fought his illnesses with determination, humour and the support of his loving mum, fiancee Becky and his close family.   He was one of life’s comics and saw the humour in every situation. He could tell a story and have people in stitches of laughter. He had a knack for quick-witted one-liners and giving people humourous nick-names. Prior to his illnesses, he was a little bit naughty and rebellious and this has left people with many funny memories and stories to tell.   He was a life long Chelsea fan attending and watching games with his Dad and was a True Blue to the very end.   Jason was my younger brother by 18 months. He meant more to me than I ever realised. After his diagnosis and the loss of our mum in 2016, our bond grew very strong. Jason was extremely close to our mum so her passing affected him profoundly. We were each other’s support through our grief. I miss him so much. There is a big void in my life where he used to be. The thought of life without him breaks my heart.   He was a loving, caring and dedicated father who is missed severely by his daughter Lacey and his son Jamie-Lee. He was an attentive, loving grandad and uncle who is missed by the children in his life.   A loving son who worked with his dad and who supported Chelsea together, he is sorely missed.   A loyal, loving, dedicated, caring fiancee to Becky, his love is now infinite. She always was and now forever is ‘My B’. He meant so much to so many, it’s impossible to list his relationships. He impacted so many people in his life.   He passed aged 44 but managed to pack a lot of life in those years and etched his memory onto many, many people who will remember him with a chuckle and a smile.

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