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Gareth Townsend

Birth Date: April 8, 1958
Passed On: April 3, 2020
From: Wolverhampton
-370310400 years old

About Gareth

Gareth was a long-standing member of The Howling Wolves Community Choir, affectionately known as The Howlies. He had a lovely singing voice. His enjoyment of and enthusiasm for the choir was evident. Rarely missing a rehearsal, he was usually one of the first to arrive. No Howlies or, indeed anyone who ever attended one of our concerts, will forget his cheerful greeting and uplifting smile. The efforts he made to welcome and talk with new members were much appreciated. Away from the choir, his love of singing was satisfied with karaoke performances. He enjoyed going to Gem disco and the Emerald Club.


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Gareth's Accomplishments

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A Personal Message

Gareth was a loving husband to Jackie and dad to Richard. His death from COVID-19 during lockdown deeply shocked his family, friends and all past and present Howlies who knew him. We miss him and know that not until our choir is once again able to rehearse and perform in person, not until we see his empty chair in the rehearsal room will we truly feel the weight of his loss. RIP Gareth. Without you, The Howling Wolves Community Choir is both less and more. Less because you can no longer join your voice to ours in beautiful harmony; more because our voices now soar in your memory and tribute to you.


Gareth is just one of over 100,000 in UK who have died from COVID-19 during this terrible pandemic. A forest of memory trees is a fitting tribute to each and every one of them; something positive for the environment to come out of our great sadness. Having one of those trees dedicated to Gareth’s memory who, along with many other Howlies, was concerned for the environment and climate change, is a wonderful way to remember him. He would approve.

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