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Eileen Joan John

Birth Date: March 25, 1925
Passed On: April 23, 2020
From: Camden Town, London
-1412899200 years old

About Eileen Joan

My mum was in the Land Army during the war. She then went on to work at the Ministry of Information in Senate House. She was a fun person and loved her job at Senate House. She met many American GI’s there and would often go to Tea dances at the Cafe de Paris with them. She remembered standing on top of Senate House watching the doodlebugs fall over London. She was a wonderful writer and wrote many stories, she even had a short play performed at Soho Theatre. In her later years, she volunteered at St Anne’s Church in Soho, which she loved. She also volunteered at the Stroke Association, where she helped people who had suffered strokes. Despite being such a fun person her ‘day’ job was as an accountant. She had a sharp brain, was witty and very creative. She loved ‘showbiz’ and again in later life, worked for Derek Jacobi, Amanda Holden, Les Dennis and her dear friend Brenda Bruce. She loved ‘bumping’ into George Michael and Julian Cleary and his dog Valerie, whilst walking her beloved dog Jack. Not bad for a little girl who’s mother had abandoned her as a baby and who had left school at 13! I’m very proud of everything my mum achieved.


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Eileen Joan's Accomplishments

Due to COVID restrictions at the time I wasn’t allowed to say goodbye to my mum. She wasn’t allowed a funeral of more than 5 people, the country was in Lockdown and I was shielding, so there was no ‘real’ funeral. Dedicating a tree in my mum’s memory is a wonderful thing to do for the planet, but on a personal level, it is really important for my family and myself to have a physical memorial to my mum. One day hopefully we will be able to see her tree and hug each other and remember her. Something we haven’t be able to do yet……

A Personal Message

My mum was the life and soul of parties, she would be the first on the dance floor (or table) and the last to leave! She was fun with a capital F. She was the glue that held our little family together. She had family in Australia, and the last trip she made to see them was when she was 85! Unfortunately, she acquired a debilitating disease in her late 80s which slowly stopped her in her tracks as her body gave up on her. Her brain sadly never did. She died of COVID 19, alone in a nursing home, as did many thousands of others in April 2020. She is sadly missed by me, her daughter, her two granddaughters, Sarah and Ruth, and her three great-grandchildren, Bethany, Josephine and Joseph. We all loved her very much and we miss her so very much.

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