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Diane Davies

Birth Date: September 2, 1955
Passed On: April 11, 2020
From: Winsford, Cheshire
-452304000 years old

About Diane

Mum liked to take care of everyone around her while not being the centre of attention.   She had only just retired and was looking forward to maintaining her beautiful garden, taking city breaks to Madrid and Poland with my Dad and enjoying a quieter pace of life before she was taken too soon x


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Diane's Accomplishments

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A Personal Message

Mum was born in Liverpool, eldest daughter to the late Sheila & Walter Lee. She has an older brother Walter (aka Fred) then sisters Margarita, Helen, Sheila and younger brother Henry. They moved to Winsford with the overflow.   She met David (Davies) when she was 16 and David 19 on Winsford common where she was hanging out with a friend. They courted then married 15th February 1975, had a Daughter and a Son.   Mum worked all her life with a long stint at Harris Bacon Factory, Richmond Packaging where the mushroom air fresheners took over the house and most recently Robert’s Bakery where she had a love-hate relationship with the mini gingerbread men!   She was retired for 2 years and took up the role of taking and collecting her two younger grandsons Oliver and Archie to junior school whilst having eldest her grandson to stay over in order to feed him up with cheese on toast, cheese and pickles …whatever No.1 grandson wanted, she was determined to feed him up.   A quiet puzzle solver with a love for colour and wildlife, whilst feeding up ‘hedgy the hog’ in the garden and an ability to bring a garden to life. Her love for their dogs Holly and Poppy were immense, they truly were her fur babies.   Mum was an unassuming prudent planner powered by tea and Irish coffees with a cheeky & sarcastic sense of humour (now instilled in her children) that was soft yet oh so sharp!   Mum was the only scouser we know that never owned a Beatles album and was more into T-rex, Alice Cooper and Abba.   My Dad misses mum so so much and is so lost without his soul mate to share their dogs, Holly and Poppy.   Mum is so dearly missed by myself and my brother as well as grandsons Charlie, Oliver and Archie.

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