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Christopher (Tam) Jones

Birth Date: February 29, 1944
Passed On: October 7, 2020
From: Farnborough, Hampshire
-815443200 years old

About Christopher (Tam)

My younger brother Tam and his wife Christine passed away within two months of each other in 2020. Tam had an operation for cancer in the September – the procedure was successful, but he died of complications a month later.  The treatment had been delayed for several months due to the pandemic, during which time he suffered much pain and his condition deteriorated. His lengthy stay in hospital, in and out of Intensive Care, took a huge toll on his family, especially Christine.  She told me that this was the longest time they had been apart since they were married. Tragically, she caught Covid-19 in mid-November and she died after a few weeks in hospital.  Christine had mobility problems, but otherwise was in good health undefined I am sure she would normally have been strong enough to survive if she had not just suffered the loss of her husband.


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Christopher (Tam)'s Accomplishments

Tam and Christine are among the many thousands who died directly or indirectly because of the Covid-19 virus. Perhaps we will never know exactly how many, but the Forest of Memories will be a wonderful way of remembering them and will be a comfort to their families. 

They were inseparable in life and it would be perfect if just one tree could be planted in memory of them both or if their trees could be sited next to each other.

A Personal Message

Tam and Christine met when they were both serving in the RAF in the early 1960s.  They married in 1966 and were stationed in Singapore for a couple of years. They returned to the UK when Tam left the service, and started to raise a family.  They were always a great team – managing a series of public houses in Hampshire while raising their two daughters, Sarah and Melissa.  They actively supported many charities – including several years working with the Samaritans. They were devoted to each other, to their daughters, and to their growing family of five grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

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