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Christopher Martin Cooper

Birth Date: June 30, 1956
Passed On: December 6, 2020
From: Chorley
-426211200 years old

About Christopher Martin

Christopher was a loving husband proud father to Richard Rachael and Adam and Papa to Henry and Violet. He was hard working and his job took him all over the UK along with Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Thailand and the USA to name a few countries.


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Christopher Martin's Accomplishments

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A Personal Message

He was a family man and at every opportunity ensured he was surrounded by his family and friends. A selfless man he always put others first. Christopher was a keen Scuba Diver when on holiday holding the status of Dive Master. A keen Freemason he endeavoured to attend meetings despite work commitments. Christopher was a collector of friends and had a way of putting people at ease and building relationships.   I fell in love with you at first sight and 41 years later you were my best friend and soul mate. My heart is broken and I will miss you as long as I live. Goodbye, my lover. You are sadly missed by your children but mostly by Henry. He asks to speak to you and is confused when told you are in the stars. He wants you to come back from the stars when you have mended the satellite and he will send a rocket for you. Our world has been shattered and we miss you daily.   Christopher may your tree grow as our grieve subsides to create strong roots into the ground. These roots are our foundation and will keep us grounded as a family. Your branches will stretch out and our love will spread throughout your tree. The leaves on your tree will change colour with the seasons bringing ongoing change in our family. Laughter happiness love or even sadness your branches will shelter and protect us from all that is ahead. In years to come your tree will grow strong and proud as the son, husband, father and papa you were and the seasons will come and go. Our promise to you is that our love for you will remain forever.

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