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Barbara Newall

Birth Date: February 8, 1953
Passed On: March 7, 2020
From: Bradford
-533174400 years old

About Barbara

Mum and Dad were wonderful loving and caring parents. Not just to their own children but many foster children’s over 35 years as foster carers.

Mum had a 15 year battle with Rheumatoid arthritis which then lead to Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD). She was diagnosed with ILD in September 2017 and slowly but surely (too quickly) it became debilitating.

She battled and battled and was so determined but at home in bed with Dad in the room she ran out of breath.

She did not stop her dedication to helping people and even from her bed organised her funeral and care and support for her severely disabled foster daughter. Utilising the power of the internet (we are thinking of inviting the amazon delivery driver to family meals) to shop and ensure people got the best birthday gifts possible.

Sadly, this was not represented at ehr funeral with only 20 people allowed and later the same day lockdown announced. COVID took Dad and Mums husband of almost 49 years just 33 days later, so they are together again now.


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Barbara's Accomplishments

This is a wonderful way of remembering a loved one while helping to support the future of our earth and ultimately our young. It’s just so fititng wiht Mum and Dad.

A Personal Message

Missed by so many, just like Dad.

We think and talk of you both always and remember the fun and good times.

Don’t worry about any of us, we are getting buy. Yes, sadness overwhlmes us at times but it is quickly follwed by a fond memory and a good laugh.

Sam is setlled into life with Vince, Quinn and I, an occasional sprinkling of Jake and once this lockdown is sorted lots of Shaunie, Xander and Gray. She is happy as always.

Gillian is as she will always be and plods along at three sisters as before.

Aunty Michele and I are in regular contact, and Uncle Barry visits regularly, he still looks after Amanda’s headstone and keeps it tidy for you. Oh, and the twins got their 16th birthday pressies (good planing there).

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