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Andrei Stecko

Birth Date: January 15, 1963
Passed On: February 22, 2021
From: Leeds
-219715200 years old

About Andrei

Andy (Dad) was 58 years old. He worked as a bus driver in Leeds and loved to spend his spare time with family or playing his new game, flight simulator!


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Andrei's Accomplishments

We are dedicating a tree to Dad (Andy) so he can live on in one of his favourite ways, through nature.

He often looked at trees and was impressed by how big/old they were – now he gets one dedicated to himself.

He will live on forever in our hearts, and in the forest of memories.

A Personal Message

There are not enough words to describe what an amazing man my Dad (Andy) really was.

Not only was he a brilliant dad, but he was also an amazing husband, brother, uncle, great uncle and friend to so many. Even people who met Dad once, when he was “giving them a lift” somewhere or just saw him driving his bus, they loved him and he made an impact on so many people.

Kindness was something he showed everyday, he would ALWAYS put everyone else’s needs in front of his own. No matter what. Family was the most important thing in the world to him and he was happiest when everyone was together. 

He was adventurous from being a child, one of his favourite things to do was to mess with water in rivers or streams to “clear the blockages” and make it flow quicker. He passed his love of nature onto us all – taking us on walks to Malham Cove or other places in the Yorkshire Dales, but we won’t mention the trauma of Ingleton (Roman, you know!).

Above all, Dad was everyone’s protector, supporter and the one people knew they could go to when they needed anything. He always knew what to say and how to help out.

Him being gone has left a hole in the entire family’s heart that will never ever heal. We will never “get over” this or “forget” about this – we just have to learn how to go on without him, which is incredibly hard and upsetting.

We will never ever stop talking about Dad (Andy) and the incredible impact he left on all of our lives.

We love you forever and ever Andy Stecko and we are so incredibly proud of the fight you put up against COVID-19. ❤️

More Dedications

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