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Explainer Video Voice Over – Everything You Want to Know About

The voice over is the audio of the video that delivers the message of the video and communicates to the target audience.

Voice overs are the element of utmost focus, as they communicate and relate with your audience. They are the voice of your brand thus need to be chosen wisely.

In this article, we at Vidsaga.com tried to answer the most commonly asked questions regarding Voice Over for explainer videos

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Does voiceover truly play a crucial role in explainer video ?

Explainer videos are short marketing videos that explain the product or service that a company offers to its prospect customers.

The explaining part in the videos is usually through the voiceover delivering the audio of the explainer videos and conveying the message of the brand.

Thus, voice overs are an important part of the explainer videos but there’s another aspect of the explainer videos as well which accounts for grabbing the attention of the targeting audience that is visuals.

Voice overs are crucial as they are the important content of the videos and with the right tone, accent, clarity, pitch and pauses they could result in the video being a big success.

Voice overs have a great impact on the audience as they create emotional connection, relatability, brand awareness and trust between the customers and brand in the market.

Having an impactful voiceover is vital especially in animated explainer videos but there are certain videos which can do wonders just with visuals and need no voice overs to them depending on the type of product. For your better understanding please visit visdaga.com and watch videos, that will surely help you out.

How to select a voiceover artist for https://www.cucumber7.com/ the explainer video?

The person who lends his/ her voice for the voice over is known as voice over artist.

The voice over artist is ealy important factor in the probable success of the explainer video. He/she is the voice of the video hence the voice of the brand.

The voiceover artists are the professionals, who have the understanding of dialogue delivery, pauses, tone and clarity in pronunciation. All the things that are required for delivering a clear and persuasive message.

Before selecting the voice over artist it is important to know the requirement of the video, target audience and product type.

The factors to be considered while selecting the voiceover artist are gender, accent, tone, speed & pace and long term suitability with the brand and product.

Voice of the explainer videos grabs attention, makes it interesting, identifies with the audience, develops trust, creates a CTA, develops remembrance and creates brand awareness.

Thus,for the product like computers you might wanna go for a male voiceover artist who could speak in different tones, effective pauses and understandable accent to reach the audience.

While for clothing or household products you should select a female voiceover artist with a confident and empathetic tone, persuasive, energetic, relatable to the product and close to the target audience.

Which one is better – Male or Female Voiceover?

Choosing between a male or female voice over is not a simple task as it seems to be.

It’s observed that people are more likely to listen to females over males, reason being their compassion, confidence and persuasive appeal. But that doesn’t prove male voice overs ineffective.

Female voice overs are proved to be more intimidating, convincing and emotionally appealing while male voice overs are more authoritative and direct in their approach.

Though female voice overs can virtually be part of any product but when it comes to male audience product targeting they are likely to be far-fetched.

Thus, the voice over for the video should be selected based on the message, target audience, type of product and demographics of the target market.

For example if its a product like computers, cars, video games etc male voice overs might be more suitable while for products like apparels, hospitality, interiors etc female voice overs do wonders.

Which accent is ideal to use for an explainer video?

Accent is basically the delivery of the message. The clear and understandable the accent is, more likely it is to achieve the objective of the video.

The accent in explainer videos plays a vital role in delivering the message and its understanding among the target audience.

The best way to decide on the accent is to analyse the geography of the company and the target audience.

For instance, if the video is for a US audience, it is more appropriate to go for a US accent as it is more impactful and persuasive for American audiences.

While for regions like the UK, British accent would be more appropriate as it is more globally understandable and international.

Which sort of explainer videos do better, without voiceover or with voiceover?

While the voiceover creates trust, brand awareness and powerful persuasive message, the silent explainers videos could be engaging, convenient and visually appealing.

The voice is important to deliver the message in an effective way but in some cases the voice could be the reason for diversion of the audience from the video.

Voice overs are great when the products are undifferentiated and need a real appeal to survive in the market. Also the product with high degree of competition and a complex using mechanism medatorily needs voiceover.

On the other hand the differentiated products with simple mechanisms may do wonders with visual appeals. Also when the explainer videos are primarily produced for the mobile phones, silent explainers videos could be more engaging as there are default mute video play criteria on phones.


Voice over is really important to explainer videos as they communicate to your audience, but what is more important, is to select the right voice over for your video. Right voice over can make a great difference to the effectiveness of a video.

Kartika Makhija Digital Marketing Intern at Vidsaga- Video Marketing Community

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