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Common Etiquettes to Follow During a Video Conferencing Session

Video conferencing has become the life and soul of so many businesses, and the fact is that most companies survived the deadly pandemic era simply due to video conferencing solutions. But now, people are serious about using the solutions, and they want casual video meetings to turn into serious and formal discussions.

For this to happen, every professional must be aware of video conferencing etiquette. They play a critical role in giving you a professional look and making the person sitting on the other side of the camera believe that you are serious about the business.

Some very useful etiquette related to video conferencing is discussed in this post.

Ensure Proper and Adequate Light

It is essential that before you get into the video conferencing, you have adequate light coming from behind the computer or mobile screen towards your face. Overhead lights should be avoided, as they create shadows under your eyes and for the highest-quality lighting, it is recommended to rely upon natural and soft light sources.

Choose the Right Background

The people interacting with you will see whatever is there behind you. Hence, you must ensure that the background is uncluttered and neat before starting your video conference systems. This would include removing everything unnecessary or distracting the people attending the video call. Don’t mind investing in revamping the colours or images on the wall to give your room an office kind of appearance.

Maintain Eye Contact

While using video conferencing solutions for video meetings, you should look directly into the camera as you are speaking and at the face of the person while he is speaking. Make sure that you don’t start looking at yourself in the small thumbnail box appearing in the corner of the video conference screen.

Work Hard Towards Audio Quality

Experts also recommend investing in a good quality audio system that can make communication loud, easy and straightforward. This will also require a reliable and fast Internet connection, as this will eliminate voice cracks and lags in the audio. Also, you should look for a private space for video conferencing and ensure you don’t get interrupted. Background noises such as children playing, TV, music or pets playing should be eliminated during the voice conference system.

Dress Appropriately

Just because you are sitting and working from home, you should not take your work casually and attend the video conferencing with a casual attitude or casually dressed. You should attain a professional look, and the most significant help would come in the form of a formal dress. Experts recommend avoiding patterns, strips and layers, and it should also be ensured that hair, makeup and teeth are all perfectly managed. Ladies, in particular, should avoid jewellery that may be distracting or make annoying noises every time they shake their necks, even a bit.

Follow Basic Rules for Participant Interaction

If you are hosting a video conferencing event, you have to ensure that you have the most advanced video conferencing solutions and that you are encouraging guests to participate as much as they want. The audience can be of different types, and you will need different strategies to engage them in the event. Hence, it is essential to use video conferencing systems that come with various interactive features to keep the audiences engaged. This should also include private and group chat, Q&A reactions and also other components.

You should start your meeting by reading the rules and ensuring you follow them to motivate audiences to follow them as seriously as you. At the same time, it has to be ensured that the video conferencing solution you have chosen is easy to use and that you are fully aware of the controls. This will eliminate user frustration and improve the overall video conferencing experience.

Many believed that the setup and configuration of the video conference is a strain and due to the difficulty it can’t be handled without the help of any IT personnel. However, now the streaming services have advanced till such an extent that the only need is of a web-based browser to start or participate in a video meeting. Some providers have also developed automated video optimisation and other services to ensure customer satisfaction. Your devices will detect your internet speed and deliver video based on the information it read regarding your bandwidth. In addition to that many services can now be handled with multiple devices and are not just limited to the old school desktops, and so video conferencing can also be done through any devices as long as they are connected to the internet.

With video conferencing services by your side, you can save manpower, money, time and that migraine caused while organising humongous events. So spread the good word and encourage your subordinates to participate in these online. A variety of video conferencing and web conferencing applications Skype, Zoom and Google Hangouts are made available for our use by the fast-growing technology. The ability to participate in an online video conference comes with a jam-packed bag of possibilities and positive business augmentation. And still, many end users are either not aware or overlook its advances.

So instead of assuming, participants should start looking for the right video conferencing system. Get a quick run through all the preparation and management early on so it would be ready when you need it. Hiring a professional video conferencing provider can also be helpful. It will not only save you time but will make sure that your video conference goes on without any glitches.

Andrew Lope is associated with Aria Technology, Even if you are planning to install video conferencing services for small office, you must definitely consider some important factors as it allows you to choose the system suitable for your size and type of business. Using video conferencing solutions for video meetings, you should look directly into the camera as you are speaking and at the face of the person while he is speaking and recommend investing in a good quality audio system that can make communication solution loud, easy and https://www.cucumber7.com/ straightforward.

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