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An explainer video is a really short video that does its job in mere 60-90 seconds

An explainer video is a really short video that does its job in mere 60-90 seconds. It is a great way of indulging your potential customer in your product/services. However, it is not as easy as it may seem.

An explainer video is generally the first impression for the customer of your company. It is of utmost importance to set the tone right in the first attempt itself.

Just for the convenience for anyone creating an explainer video for the first time or https://www.cucumber7.com/ have not been able to garner as much attention previously, we have listed out a few insider tips to drive more sales through an explainer video.

Script is everything

An informative script is key for any video, especially an explainer video. The script is the first step that can make or break the entire deal for you. It is the foundation on which the explainer video stands.

For you to be able to provide an outsider view, and to build a natural formation, hiring a corporate video production company is a wise choice. It will help you to curate a video that can be easily understood by the people who are not associated with your organization. A professional will her your brief and will ensure that each detail of the company is mentioned in the video with the focus on the product/service.

Shorter the better!

It has been rightly saying- fewer words you use to explain a topic, easier it is to understand.

An explainer video should be an overview for the customers that are interested in your business. It should never be providing every detail from zero to ten. People will more likely remember something that is short, yet every required information is passed on through a creative touch. Creativity doesn’t mean that it has to be over-the-top, but it has to get the message across.

The main motive of an explainer video is to get the potential customer ‘hooked’ to your business. It is hard to resist from explaining every bit, but to keep it short and precise, one needs to only explain what is important. Other information can be easily mentioned in other parts of the homepage.

Simplicity is in!

Every explainer video should focus on five main focal points and the video must flow into the sequence of:

Problem: Talk about the issues

Solution: Further, the flow must shift to explaining the solution

How to work it out: Talk about how everything can be resolved

Call of action: This is the time for introducing your product/service and how it can come to the rescue.

Talk about benefits

Once the product/service is out in the market, the feature might already be making rounds or it can be easily listed anywhere else. Choosing to showcase each and every feature in the explainer video will do more harm than good

But, when you talk about the benefits of choosing your organization, potential customers will be more interested in knowing other details. This creates curiosity. An explainer video is about building up the curiosity and not killing it by giving each detail.

The voice and tone are the essences

A great visual explainer video is a complete waste if the sound and the tone of the video is not right. Investing in a professional animated video production company in India is very important in such a case.

Do not forget to entertain

It is natural to drift away while providing so much in so little time. But, you can grab the attention of the potential customer if your explainer video is entertaining and creative.

It is always advisable to add some fun, quirky, or catchy elements to keep the customer hooked to your homepage.

With the availability of so many options, a customer’s attention span is really short. Also, it helps people to connect to the brand.

Visuals are not everything

A plain and simple video may be able to grab more attention than a stuffy video. The motive is to get the message across- clear and loud. Visuals play a very important role but are secondary. It shouldn’t be the primary focus and sometimes exaggerated visuals take away from the messaging.

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