Bringing people together to grow a Forest of Memories

A Memory Tree is a Physical tree in The Forest of Memories attached to a digital Memorial.

A Memory Tree is a physical tree in
The Forest of Memories, with a digital Memorial for your loved ones.

In partnership with The Forest of Memories you can not only share memories online in a dedicated place, you will also have a tree planted in their name to have a living breathing memorial to those you love.

During the Covid 19 pandemic people have not been able to celebrate the lives of loved ones in the way that they would choose. Human stories have gone untold. wish to change that.

Open to all, whether you observe a formal religion or not Memory- is a dedicated space which allows reflection, celebration and shared memories to meet in one place, a platform that gives you control over your loved ones legacy.

Dedicate a Memory Tree for a loved one

Share and remember the happy memories.

Add comments, poems, images or videos.

Share your Memory Tree with family, friends and collegues 

Choose to have your Memory Tree private or public

How it all works

Create an Account

Input the information for the loved one you whose life wish to celebrate

Share with those you choose

Add comments, poems, images or videos and allow others to do the same

Visit and reflect as often as you wish – your online memorial will be there forever

Donate to support the
The Forest of Memories

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone open an Account?

Yes anyone can open an Account in memory of a loved one. During the Pandemic people died of Covid-19, they died because of impacts of lockdowns, and many died alone without loved ones being able to say goodbye.  We believe all of these things are human tragedies.  All these people should be remembered and their stories told.

Is my account visible to the public?

Memory-Trees has only recently been launched and not all of the planned features are available yet. At the moment all Memory Pages are public. We will however be introducing features soon that mean you can decide access to your memories.  That will include being able to send a link to others to invite them to share their words, images and videos of your loved one. 

Can I remove or change content?

You are in control, you can remove or change content, or delete your loved ones memory account, at any time.  At present to make changes you will need to contact the team and we will make the changes within 5 working days.  Functions to allow you to make your own changes and manage your Memory Account will be introduced in later software releases.

Does my account expire?

No – There is no expiry date for any Memory-Tree account.

Am I restricted in what I can put on the Memory Tree Account?

You can place whatever content you wish on your account and we have no restrictions around religion or belief. The Memory Tree is a safe place to allow you to accurately reflect your own memories and those you choose to share the account with. do however have the right to remove any content that is offensive towards others.

Can I remove content placed by others?

The feature that allows other people to contribute to your Memory account will be introduced in the future.  When it is introduced, yes – you can moderate your own account, should someone you invite post something that you wish to remove you can.

Will The Memory Tree ever moderate my Account?

Should you make your account public we may contact you in reference to material which is considered not appropriate for the public domain. We believe that memories should reflect your memories of your loved one but would not wish others to be offended by such things as profanity or images and would reserve the right to make an account private.

Can I put prayers on my Memory Tree Account?

Yes – you can put prayers on your account. The Memory Tree is your place and whether you observe a religion or not you are welcome to post prayers, poems, mantras or any text that is significant to you.

Can I put music on my Memory Tree Account?

Not at present.  But it is planned that future enhancements will allow you to create links to music and video as part of your Memory Page.

Can you have more than one account for the same person?

Absolutely, memories are personal and it may be that friends may want a different Memory Tree to family as the relationship was different with different memories.  However, we would urge people to try and combine memories of a person under a single account wherever possible.

The Forest of Memories

The Forest of Memories is a project established with the vision of bringing people together to support the planting of a network of Memorial Forests around the UK.

You can plant a tree for your loved one lost during the pandemic. Anyone can dedicate a tree in a Forest of Memories to a loved they lost during the pandemic creating a lasting gift of remembrance, literally allowing your choice of memorial to grow. provides the UK’s signposting website for bereaved people.

A comprehensive hub of bereavement services to find what is most appropriate for you whatever your loss and wherever you live; also information, helplines, helpful reads and a free professional counselling web chat service if you want to talk.
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