Luigi Ciesco

Birth Date: May 20, 1941
Passed On: December 8, 2020
From: Epsom
-903139200 years old

About Luigi

My dad Luigi was such a wonderful man. He was born in Italy in 1941. He was married to my mum for 57 years and had 4 children and 8 grandchildren. He was definitely the head of our family, a real character and his absence is felt by all. Sadly my dad suffered most of his life with his health but never complained. He was so courageous. In fact, his name Luigi means “Courageous Warrior “and that’s just what he was


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Luigi's Accomplishments

My dad was my hero. He was so kind, strong and courageous. A real family man, he worked so hard all of his life to provide for his family and was loved by all. He loved his garden, his music and his food and wine. The simple things in life made him happy. I miss my dad every single day. I miss hugging him and seeing his gorgeous little face. He was my hero, my rock. He made me laugh so much. I adore him always will. I miss having our coffee and cups of tea in my breaks from work and I miss asking him “ Are you alright dad? “And he would always answer “ I was all right and now I’m all left “ Every single time it made me laugh because he was just so lovely and even towards the end of his life he’d say he was “ On top of the world” He was the bravest man and never gave up and I’m going to carry that with me and hold him in my heart for the rest of my life He was the best dad and I will miss him and love him forever I’m so proud to call him my dad Rest in Eternal Peace Pappa Ciesco Elena

A Personal Message

He spent many years working in the NHS but became very unwell due to a hospital blunder. By a sheer miracle, a lot of love, prayers and his own courage and strength, he pulled through, 19 years later he was taken away from us. He was taken away from us way too early due to this awful virus but God always calls the best ones first and I know he is looking over us all. He is missed terribly and loved.

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