Jean Allum

Birth Date: February 6, 1946
Passed On: December 30, 2020
From: Norwich
-754272000 years old

About Jean

Mum was kind .. sweet and kind .. a difficult start and her fair share of challenges in life ..  but that just made her strong and tenacious .. some would say stubborn and that would make her proud me too  !.. but everything she ever did was from a place of good..  the thing that excited mum most was to help. To do what she could for others..  it sounds and is cliche but that’s truly when she was most happy .. a nurse most of her working and personal life looking after anyone who needed it about sums up her intent on earth while she was here .. i even got a little jealous at times.. 

A richly layered quietly complex human who would always listen if you asked, who would drop anything if you needed her no matter who you were … so much we wish we could say .. 


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Jean's Accomplishments

Kept apart from my mum when she needed me most.. kept hidden from me only meters away just behind those locked doors…so naive and ineptly unaware of just how bad you were.. only kind calm pacifying communication and hope from that door just 4 hours before… until it was too ridicules as it sounds it was so unexpected sort of out of the blue..  no funeral no mark no proper goodbyes  just a box of your ashes turn up at the door.. and your gone.. just vanishes and its too confusing and hard to bare.. so a way to mark the fact that your gone that you meant something .. even to make me believe and remember its all really true and face facts that I’m not wrong a ribbon a tree anything please.. I’m so great full and helped by the opportunity to acknowledge or mark what is to “us few” and “ so many “ something toward what we have lost .. 

A Personal Message

The sweetest most loved and cherished mum to two boys , a wife and life partner a best friend and entire world to dad for over 50 years.. we are left completely and utterly lost and devastated beyond our comprehension.. and words of corse could not express this kind of loss and emotion .. the most unspeakable undeserving end of an innocent life so cherished, one of so many brutally taken from us has irrevocably changed so much…. i and we all miss you too much to say .. i will never stop talking to you mum .. i cant imagine how we begin to live without you. 

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