Harjinder (Raj) Grewal

Birth Date: August 3, 1949
Passed On: January 3, 2021
-644198400 years old

About Harjinder

Our mum was born in Durg. Madhya Pradesh, in the heart of India and lived there until the age of around fifteen. After which time, she married our father and moved to live in Panjab, in the north of India. In 1976, she migrated to England, bringing with her, her daughter aged nine and son, aged four.


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Harjinder's Accomplishments

Mum was the glue that binds a family together. She was generous and warm-hearted towards all friends and family, we remember her for her smile, warmth, generosity, playful and witty charm. She would become easily excited and was always initiating banter and humorous exchanges with her nearest and dearest. Our mum had many endearing qualities for which she will always be remembered and equally missed. Her child-like qualities and sense of mischief will always be cherished and remembered.

A Personal Message

In 1977, she gave birth to another daughter, in the town of Gravesend, in the south-east and lived there very happily until her demise.

Our mum was a loving woman, with a big heart. She was a strong, confident and determined woman. She was motivated to learn and quickly became a fluent speaker of English.

Born in a multi-cultural city in India, our mum brought with her strong values of inclusion and diversity into the UK with her. She had a very compassionate and diverse outlook.

She loved learning about people from other cultures, their customs and traditions and she was so very respectful of all other religions. She withheld a strong sense of community and purpose of giving back to others.

Our mum worked in numerous factories and quickly established herself as a respected Indian citizen of Great Britain, actively contributing to society, in a positive and responsible manner. She worked for and at the following companies as a machine operator.

Canada Dry Drinks Company Tea & Coffee factory GEC Henley

Our mum is dearly missed by her husband, children (son and two daughters), daughter-in-law and grandchildren (six grandsons and one granddaughter).

Her love for her husband was compelling, holding my father in the highest regard and always full of bold admiration for his reciprocal love and support.

Our mum was full of vibrancy and positive energy, quickly dispelling ill feelings, holding a firm resolve and a tenacious attitude. Her sense of humour would quickly uplift those around her, encouraging others to see the silver lining.

She loved gardening, maintaining her plants and growing vegetables, which was one of her true passions, alongside stitching and knitting.

Our mum was truly the best cook. She simply loved to be creative with ingredients and trial new recipes. She enjoyed uniting the family through this togetherness, finding much comfort and enjoyment in food.

She was a doting grandmother and was so very proud of us all, with unique love and admiration for each. Equally each grandchild, holds their own fond memories of the personal exchanges between them, proud of their fluent English speaking grandmother, where language was never a barrier.

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