Adrian Hamer AKA Mr Snuggles

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A little about Adrian:

Adrian was unique they broke the mould when they created him, a true gentleman. Born in Hyde, Greater Manchester, Adrian always had a ‘Can do, will do attitude’! Loyal, generous kind spirit he always put others first before himself he was strong ambition. A naturist oh yes if you didn’t know Adrian liked to get his butt cheeks out ohh and the other bits too! Lol

Personal short summary:

Know to many as gadget man Adrian loved his gadgets.

Adrian lived overseas for 16 years and that’s where we met. He was the greatest showman touring the Canary Islands with his ‘ White Knuckle Scream & Laugher Hypnosis Show’
With a change of career, Adrian studied hard to become a commercial endorsed Yachtmaster and RYA Cruising instructor and we travelled all around the med from Gibraltar to Menton the Italian border, we also did a couple of seasons in Mallorca before returning to the UK due to family illness.

Over time we relocated to down south Cornwall first for 5 years then onto a Devon to the beautiful seaside town of Exmouth. Adrian became part of the Rose Lodge Family. Dementia care home, in charge of IT, Finance and day-today operations. We also had a business, Mrs Snuggles ultimate children’s party experience. Specialising in parties, workshops, SEN cafe, Sensory toys (retail) baby sensory, baby massage Adrian built two beautiful sensory rooms and construction of the shop and all marketing materials and websites as well as working full time for his second family Rose Lodge. I was the face but Adrian was definitely the driving force behind the business

I now understand the true meaning of heartache and my heart aches x

Anything else:

The moment you left me, my heart split into two. One side died with you Adrian the other side filled with memories to hold on to. A light then went out on Earth for many the day we had to say goodbye. And on that day a new unique star was born.

You Adrian, Mr Snuggles, Husband, Son, Brother and a very special friend, You are the brightest in the sky. Reaching through the darkness With your rays of purest white You are Lighting up the Heavens As you have all our lives. Sending beams of love to heal Our broken hearts which you have left behind. Forever in our memories Your beautiful star will shine bright.

Love you, Adrian.

Always and forever in our hearts

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Memory Trees is a free service but we need your support. All proceeds go into making the Forest of Memories a reality.

Memory Trees is a free service but we need your support.
All proceeds go into making the Forest of Memories a reality.

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