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All Tiers

All Membership Tiers

Digital Memory Tree

All memberships get a FREE FOREVER profile for your loved one. This is your online space for remembereance. You can upload photos, leave prayers, thoughts and most importantly you can shre your loved ones profile with family and friends. Togther you can curate a loving profile and have a central place to keep photos videos (coming soon).

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All Membership Tiers

Tree Location

You can choose the location of your Memory Tree. We are opening new Forests of Memories in several different location. Due to the nature of trees, we cannot guarantee the survival of your tree unless you take a membership.
Strong Caucasian man plants a cedar tree. Dig the ground with a shovel. Christmas tree.

All Membership Tiers

Access to market place

Coming soon! We will be opening a new market place, where you can purchase services and keepsakes.

All Membership Tiers

Invitation to local events

All leveles of membership include invitations to local and national events.
Young youth teenagers attending a community gathering event.

All Membership Tiers

Tree Maintained

The Forest of Memories Tree Guarantee measn your tree will survive. If for any reason your tree fails (weather, disease, animals etc) we will replace it with a similar age tree. The 3 year membership ensures that each tree has the best survival chance. 0-3 years the risk of a tree failing is as high as 20-30%, but after maintaining a tree for 3 years, the risk drops to single figures.
Garden Trees Care

Small, Medium & Large Tiers Only

Small, Medium, Large tiers

Augmented Reality

When all the trees are planted, and you have completed your loved ones profile, when you visit the forest, you will be able to see your loved ones details above your tree. Other visitors can also learn about your lost loved one.
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Small, Medium, Large Tiers

Sustainable Custom Plaque

Each paid membership comes with a sustainable plaque, increasing in size. Once a location has been selected and a tree alocated, you will be able to select the wording to be printed on the plaque. Each plaque will be placed in place within 3 months of you taking membership.

For Medium & Large Tiers Only

Medium, Large Tiers

Choice Premium Trees - In prominent positions

Certain trees in certain locations are more desirable, and as such are only available at the higher membership levels.
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For Large Tiers Only

Large Tiers

Annual Executive Summary

A full yearly report details the progress of The Forest of Memories
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Large Tiers

Root clipping / grafting for your garden from your tree

Once your tree is established (more than 12-24 months) we may be able to provide you with a clipping to grow the same tree in your own garden.
Garden Tree Branches Cut