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Factors affecting Jordanian electronic banking facilities by Amman Arab academe

Abstract This investigation aimed to identify the factors influencing on electronic banking services provided by Jordanian banks. Perceived usefulness, ease of use, trust, privacy and security and ease of use are the factors investigated in this study. A sample of 300 clients full of zip at King Abdullah academic circles Hospital staff who were active bank accounts in alternative local banks in Jordan was selected, randomly. To accumulate the primary data, the investigation used a questionnaire design based on a 5-point scale. Results of the study found that perceived usefulness, ease of use, trust and privacy directly and favorably influenced on e-banking usage. ease of use was found to have no effect on e-banking services. The psychoanalysis recommends that an contract the factors affecting e-banking is unquestionably necessary for the practitioners who purpose additional ways of banking facilities in the current competitive environment.

universities in jordan

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