Simon Pearson

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25/03/1959 – 18/01/2021

Ware, Hertfordshire



Simon was involved with numerous groups, clubs and hobbies over the years. These included being treasurer of the Ware society, cricket scorer, miniature painter, gardener, astronomer, a model engineer and in the last few years running including Parkrun and baking. Simon enjoyed spending time with his family and friends and was well known for his dry sense of humour and quick wit. He had worked as a Law Costs Draughtsman for many years and was looking forward to a well-deserved retirement.



Simon was a loving, caring, kind and strong man. He always knew what to say especially to cheer someone up. Simon showed that it is never too late to do something or try something new. He was such a big part of our lives and will be missed so much by his wife, son, daughter, family and friends.

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