Keith Brian

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17/07/1959 – 05/01/2021




Keith adored life! He wanted to see the whole world and got pretty close visiting 89 countries and all continents before he died. He loved his family – his wife and his two daughters, who he joined often on their own adventures around the world. He loved planes – though colourblind and not able to be a pilot, he got his pilots licence and flew all over the country, he even hired a plane in the USA and flew over the Grand Canyon! A huge part of his life was also his business, which he spent 20 years building from the ground up. He was a mortgage advisor and excelled in helping everyone to buy a house, especially first time buyers who didn’t think it was possible. His love for life meant he really looked after himself and was exceptionally fit. He cycled about 70 miles each week and did marathons when he was younger. He was such an inspiration to us – he truly lived life to its fullest and leaves a gaping hole in ours.



Dad’s death was unexpected and has left shockwaves in our community – those who were his clients of his mortgage business, actors who starred in countless amateur dramatics plays with him, friends who he constantly joked around with but also gave unconditional support to, and of course his family whom he adored. His wife was his soulmate and made each other so happy, and his daughters always felt he was their number 1 fan. The world is their oyster because of him and his dreams and love for them.

Dedicate a tree in the Forest of Memories for a loved one lost because of Covid-19.

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