Doreen Edna Peck

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19/05/1935 – 06/11/2020

She was born in Caywood, QC Canada in her parents home



She came from a family of 18 kids. She was close to each of her family members. She loved going for drives along the Gatineau area where she grew up, to visit family. She taught her children & grandchildren to fish, pick berries & walnuts, about nature and surviving. She was a woman of faith and stood firm in her belief. She was a devoured wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother



My grandmother was like my second mom. She was always there for me when I was sick, injured, sad, or needing anything at all. She would give her last dime to help someone and housed many family members over the years to help them. She taught me and all of us so much school never could. She was a very simple woman who loved her family dearly. The one thing she ever did for herself was getting her hair done every week and go to bingo. She always had the advice to give, even when not wanted lol, would travel any length to see her family, loved the outdoors, wildlife and especially birds. She should have been a horticulturist as she could grow beautiful flowers in clay! She is missed by her 3 children, 4 granddaughters and 7 great-grandchildren.



She absolutely loved nature and animals! She would be so happy to hear of this forest and all it will do for the environment and wildlife. To know her legacy could like on it a beautiful forest through a tree growing for years & years, it just amazing!

Dedicate a tree in the Forest of Memories for a loved one lost because of Covid-19.

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