Billie Susan Michaels

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18/07/1961 – 06/01/2021




Billie Susan Michaels really was an extra special woman. The firstborn child of Norah and Jimmy Crawley. A sibling to six others. A beautiful, kind, caring, generous and fiercely loyal person. Intelligent and always seeking new knowledge. Creative and talented, writing her own songs and poems. A huge music lover, singing along being her favourite part. Hated injustice and sought fairness for all. An amazing mother to six children, who she sacrificed so much for and whose unconditional love had no limits. An incredible nan who absolutely adored and doted on her grandkids as if they were her own. The family was her life, her whole being and she loved living every second of it! Our mum/nan was taken far too soon but is now back in the safe arms of her dad and mam. Until we meet again, our Queen xxxxxxxxxx



There are no words to describe our loss. We miss you so unbearably much. Our girls have your strength but are lost without you, we are all so lost without you. Your happiness was everyone else’s happiness. You gave and you gave and you gave to make sure everyone else was ok. You were the gravity that kept everything together for us all. You were the person we would speak to about anything because you would always wholeheartedly listen. You were that comforting hug that made everything feel better. Your warm smile, heart, soul and fabulous personality will fill us with joy as we remember you.



We will keep you safe in our hearts forever. We will always truly and deeply love you, mum xxxxxxxxxx

Dedicate a tree in the Forest of Memories for a loved one lost because of Covid-19.

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