Larry Brandish

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30/04/1959 – 01/04/2020




Larry was a gentle giant who always looked out for everyone especially his family and close friends. Nothing would bother him, he was always positive even though he experienced acute physical pain. He never gave up, he just got on with things even though he was struggling physically. Larry worked so hard throughout his years. Nothing was put on a plate for him. He became the person he was through his own blood, sweat and tears.



Larry was an inspiration and told you as it was, no agenda. It was just “ it is what it is bear, get on with it “ I miss him terribly, I miss not being able to text or speak to him. There are days I often think I must tell Larry this and that but have to catch myself and think, nope bear you can no longer do this as he is not around anymore. He was my best friend in good and bad times. Even though he is no longer physically around I think of the times he would say it is what it is and get on with whatever I’m struggling with it’s no way as hard as struggling without him.

Dedicate a tree in the Forest of Memories for a loved one lost because of Covid-19.

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