Kelvyn Lang

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26/12/1949 – 29/04/2020

Dad was born in Ashington, Northumberland on the 26th December 1949.
He moved down the Feltham 3 years later. This is the town that he grew up in.



Dad was so kind-hearted he would help anyone who needed it without giving himself a second thought. His family meant the world to him and would do anything for them. Happiness was also very important to him, he always had away of making people smile even on their dark days. He was so much fun to be around and is missed dearly by everyone.



Everyone is missing you, you left a huge gap in everyone’s heart that can never be filled again. You were my hero and meant the world to me. I miss our chats and putting the world to rights, I miss not being able to go to you to ask your advice on what I should do or how to deal with things. You were a fountain of knowledge you were my dad.



I would like to dedicate a memory tree in the forest of memories as i would love to spend some time in a quite place with you reminiscing on time spent with each other. I want to feel close to you again in peaceful surroundings.

Dedicate a tree in the Forest of Memories for a loved one lost because of Covid-19.

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