Graham Dudley

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18/12/1952 – 10/04/2020





My husband lost his mum when he was 11 and his dad when he was 16. He went to work in Saudi Arabia and was the first white man to play in their league. He loved football but sadly did not have the dedication to follow his dream.
We met when I was 16, we were very attracted to each other. We crossed paths again 3 years later and as they say the rest is history. Graham went to America on a planned trip and I joined him shortly after. We stayed for nearly a year. We married on our return. We had 3 children. Tragically we lost our daughter when she was 13. We then upped sticks and went to Spain where we lived for 10 years. We had a couple of bars there. Graham had a lovely voice so sung a lot of karaoke.
On our return from Spain Graham worked as a driver for Addison Lee in London.
We retired about 18 months ago and loved to go to London and visit museums etc.



Grahams motto was ‘its nice to be nice’ and that is how he lived his life. He was a wonderful man and is so missed by his family. We were married 40 years and rarely spent a day apart. We just loved each other, we were definitely soul mates believing we had many more years ahead of us. Graham was a wonderful dad, granddad, uncle and friend. Gra died the same weekend we had lost our 13-year-old daughter 24 years before. He was buried with her 24 years to the day. I have to believe they are together. If wealth was measured in love and respect Graham Dudley died a very wealthy man.



Dedicating this tree as my husband firmly believed that when you died your body goes back into the earth and you become part of nature. I also want him to be remembered forever.

Dedicate a tree in the Forest of Memories for a loved one lost because of Covid-19.

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