Elsie Rouse

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02/07/1923 – 28/04/2020

Dinas, Rhonnda. South Wales



My auntie Elsie was loved by all. She was a very special person who had time and love for all. She was a pillar of her community and everyone in the area knew her. She ran the local shop for years and years and worked so hard. Auntie Elsie was 96 when she died. Her family meant everything to her, and she loved to have them stay with her. She was the queen of treats and would always have lots of sweets and chocolates for the young members of the family – and everyone else as well! She loved to laugh and enjoy a good joke. We would love to watch quizzes and play frustration together!



My Auntie Elsie was a wonderful woman. She looked after me when I was small and since then we had a very close relationship. We were both rebels – she was the rebel of Rhonnda! She loved with all of her heart and was so kind. She touched so many people’s lives and I will miss her every day.

Dedicate a tree in the Forest of Memories for a loved one lost because of Covid-19.

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