Claire Devereux

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11/04/1972 – 11/12/2020

Wallington, Surrey



Claire was a kind and loving girl, with a huge heart, a warm smile and a love of life, and the adventures it could bring. She will always be remembered as the life and soul of the party, she had a natural gift for making everyone feel special, when she was around. She had a passion for nurturing plants and flowers, and she made this a part of her life when she embarked on a brave and determined change of career. Her love of horticulture was entirely consistent with her outlook on life, and the people whose lives she helped and enabled to blossom and grow.


Claire was a treasured and loving wife, daughter, sister and grand-daughter, a beloved cousin, auntie and niece. Her heart was broken when her dear Dad was taken from her, and I’m sure she’ll be enjoying silliness and mischief with him now. This forest will grow strong before all her loved ones join her, and though we miss her every day, we move one step closer with each moment, as we carry on her spirit of joy and kindness and love in this place.


A Memory Tree is a very fitting tribute to someone who loved so much to nurture and watch plants grow. Also, there is a tree for her beloved dad, Chris Devereux, and her family and I are keen to keep them just as entwined in this world as their souls will always be.

Dedicate a tree in the Forest of Memories for a loved one lost because of Covid-19.

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