Trevor Gardiner

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22/11/1960 – 14/04/2020

Gravesend, Kent


Trevor was my newly wedded husband which I had the pleasure of becoming his best friend in 2018 at our workplace in Sidcup where it blossomed into a whirlwind romance by end of January 2019, we were then engaged and married by 16th December 2019. He loved his music he was a fantastic DJ, good at DIY and electrical and mechanical things including playing bass guitar in a band. We loved to go exploring on our sexy GSX 1400 Suzuki and also in his TT road tripping. We had a fantastic year and laughed everyday and loved each other explicitly we never liked being apart not even for 1hr. Our love and bond are still as strong if not stronger now we have the longest distance relationship ever.


I miss my husband more than anything in this world and I’ve and miss him more with each day that passes until we are reunited, he is also missed by all the family and friends he held so dear and whom over him nearly as much as I do.


I am dedicating this tree to my adorable hubby to whom fought so hard against Covid 19 in April 2020. He was one of the kindest and most caring and loving man, a true gentleman who would do anything for anyone. I love him so much and with this tree, it will symbolise our love and connection that is will still continue to grow as our love will always grow forever.

Dedicate a tree in the Forest of Memories for a loved one lost because of Covid-19.

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