Rita Hall

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23/08/1939 – 04/05/2020

Mum was born in Swinton, Manchester, the only girl in a family of five children.


My Mum was a mother to 2 people, a grandmother to 5 people and a great grandmother to 4 youngsters. We lost my Dad to Alzheimer’s disease in 2016 and Mum missed him terribly. They were a wonderful couple and loved each other dearly. They couldn’t bear to be apart and spent all their time together. They loved holding dinner parties, listening to music and walking. Mum was such a funny lady, always making us laugh with the silly things she used to say. She loved listening to Elvis Presley and was renowned for playing music very loud. She was like a child when it came to Christmas and birthdays and her face used to light up when she opened her presents.


My Mum meant everything to me as we spent so much time together particularly after Dad passed away. We used to laugh until our stomachs hurt, cry together and tell each other off! I miss her shouting at Strictly Come Dancing because her favourite didn’t get through. I miss her mixing up her words and then laughing at herself. I miss her face, her laugh and her wise words. She never judged me but let me make my own mistakes. She was always there to pick up the pieces if things went wrong but never said ‘I told you so’. We lost her so fast to COVID-19 and 5 days before she died she rang me asking me to get her some hair dye because she didn’t want to look old! She was known as The Duchess because she had her airs and graces and loved the finer things in life. She has left a big hole in our hearts but we know that she is reunited with Dad.

Dedicate a tree in the Forest of Memories for a loved one lost because of Covid-19.

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