Orita Godoy

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18/05/1944 – 10/05/2020



My mum was born in Queilén town in Chiloé Island, Chile, South America.
My mum was a caring person loved by everyone, she was a fantastic cook, gardener and loved nature, mum had so much knowledge. The family was the centre of her life and family values was an important factor to her, mum was a housewife and at time of her death was a pensioner.


Her passing has left a great void in all who knew her especially her loved ones we are all devastated and still grieving her loss and still trying to comprehend this. My mum meant the world to me and my brother she was a loving wonderful wife, mother and grandmother and friend we are proud to be her children and through us, she still lives on and will never be forgotten.


The reason why I would like to dedicate a Memory Tree in the Forest of Memories for my mum is because my mother loved plants and nature and through this tree part of her will live on.

Dedicate a tree in the Forest of Memories for a loved one lost because of Covid-19.

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