Mark Elton

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03/04/1961 – 06/05/2020




Mark was a nurse who worked in a hospice. This is a reflection of the sort of man he was, completely person-centred and caring. He lived to make life better for anyone he came into contact with a stranger or friend. He would go out of his way to help anyone in any way that he could. Life was important to Mark, living it, loving it, embracing it. He lived in the same village for most of his life having been born there, so the community was extremely important to him. He had a very enquiring mind so loved to explore different ideas and faiths and beliefs and would take the best from anything he read to put into practice in his everyday life. He loved music, our pets, food, and just spending quality time with those he loved.



To say that Mark meant everything to me would be inadequate and simplistic. He was everything and so much more. He was a genuine human being. His patience, kindness and generosity flowed from him to anyone who was lucky enough to know him. He was my rock, the fibre that bound our lives together, my safe place, my sounding board and occasionally my punchbag!! Nothing was ever too much trouble no matter how tired he was or outlandish my request. If he could do it he would. He was simply the heart of everything that was good in my life, my mate. I am completely lost without him.



Mark is missed by so many people, his friends, family and colleagues. He was the sort of person who didn’t need to be loud or opinionated in order to make or leave an impression, he did that simply by being the person he was, genuine, selfless, compassionate, caring, a gentle man and a gentleman, a man with a big heart full of love and kindness.

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