Lynda Hamilton

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28/05/1952 – 11/04/2020




My mam was the strongest person I knew. She loved her job as a hospital domestic supervisor and worked up until she suffered a brain hemorrhage and stroke in 2002. She was so brave and strong and came through this albeit with some disabilities but it never phased her. Her family was so important to her.



My mam was our hero. She had a loving husband, 3 children my sister, my brother and me. She had 13 grandchildren. She also had a sister and a brother and a mam, nieces and nephews. We all miss her dearly. She had such a strong personality, we thought of her as the boss of the family without her there is just a massive hole. Although we take her strength with us to carry on for her sake. We know that would be what she wanted us to do.

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