Leonard Arthur Croft

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31/05/1934 – 12/05/2020

Stevenage, Hertfordshire



My Dad was a lovely man, a quiet and gentle soul with a dry sense of humour. He loved music and liked to play the piano. He also likes to swim and cycle. Having never owned a car his bike was his transport. Prior to this, motorcycles were his love until children came along!


Dad was born in Chelsea then moved to Middlesex during the Second World War to the safety of his Nan and Pop’s home. He completed his National Service in the RAF then moved to Stevenage where he had his family. He spent many years working at British Aerospace. He attended St. Mary’s church in Shephall for a number of years, he lived to sing!



My Dad was my constant. He was very laid back and would never judge. I miss hearing stories of his childhood and RAF days. I miss his humour. Love you always Dad xx

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