Kishore Patel

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16/11/1951 – 27/04/2020

Mill Hill, London



Kishore was the most amazing, funny and full of life man. He touched everyone’s heart and had the ability to connect with everyone young or old. He was the life and soul of every party and family gathering and used to enjoy a few drinks and telling his long list of jokes to a crowd. He was a very kind and pure soul who believed in honesty and integrity above all. He was a family man who was extremely proud of his wife, three children, two son in-laws and two grandkids and would boast about them passionately to everyone. He was an incredibly fit man who used to do 56 miles a week between running and walking and had no underlying health conditions. At 68 years young Kishore had everything to live for and so many more memories to make. He worked as a senior manager at BT for over 30 years and always took his work very seriously never taking a sick day from work. His colleagues speak fondly of him and he has touched so many people’s hearts in our community. He was a religious man with a strong set of morals. There will never be another Kishore in this world again and he has left a hole too big to fill.



I lost my husband in April to COVID. We have been married for 40 happy years and he was the most incredible husband, dad and grandfather. When he went into hospital in March there was not a moment that I thought he wouldn’t come back home. Kishore was the healthiest person I knew amongst our peer group. He did 56 miles a week between jogging and walking and had no underlying health conditions. He was only 68 years young and had many more years to enjoy. The most difficult part of this journey is thinking about what he went through on his own in hospital. He spent the first 6 days on a CPAP machine on the ward. It breaks my heart that he wasn’t put on a drip whilst he was on the ward and conscious. He messaged me on the 5th day saying things are looking up so when I found out on day 6 that he was sedated and going on the ventilator I was in utter shock. He was on the ventilator in ITU for 3 weeks and each day I would wait anxiously for the one phone call from the doctor to get an update on how he was doing. I am grateful I got to be by his side for his final few hours even though he was sedated and unconscious and that I was able to hold his hand, I’m sure he felt my presence by his side. Seeing him in that state was the hardest thing I’ve ever faced and something that will stay with me forever. I have lost the most loving husband, dad and a grandad and nothing will ever be the same again. I love you forever my darling husband and you will be in my thoughts and prayers everyday until we meet again.

Dedicate a tree in the Forest of Memories for a loved one lost because of Covid-19.

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