Freda Willis

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22/11/1952 – 24/04/2020

Hornchurch, Essex, but born in Malta.




My Mum worked all her life mostly as a legal secretary. She was dedicated to everything she did and loved recently going to her ‘ladies club’ meeting her friends. She loved her holidays with her beloved husband of 55 years and going on Cruises were her favourite. She lived life to the full and loved having plans ahead of fun things to do and places to visit. Weekly visits to bingo were always top of the list.



My Mum was always a brilliant Mum, the best. But beyond that, she was my best friend. She worshipped and lived for her family. She was totally in love still with my Dad after 55yrs of marriage and loved her 4 grandchildren and great-grandson with all her heart. She has left a huge gap in our lives and our world will never be the same without her. Mum has 5 sisters and her being the eldest always had the respect of them all, they miss her so very much. My Mum loved life but was never afraid of death. Her words in February “I’m not afraid of dying, because I have had a brilliant life. I have a fantastic husband, a wonderful daughter and amazing grandchildren, so I have been very lucky. So if I died tomorrow I will die happy” This was my Mum, always happy, lively and most importantly always the voice of reason. We love you so very much xx



I wanted to dedicate a tree for my amazing Mum as her memory will live on inside her family forever, but I feel that she deserves more than that. She needs to be counted along with all the other people that lost their lives so sadly to this virus. We couldn’t be with them in their final hours so they deserve a symbol of life that goes on forever.

Dedicate a tree in the Forest of Memories for a loved one lost because of Covid-19.

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