Caden Mayall

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20/09/2010 – 25/06/2020


Caden’s poem

God sent us a baby small,
To love and care between us all.
You cried a lot when in pain
Then slept, awoke and cried again.


Times were hard for a while
But you adapted to each trial.
Lots of operations you had
Sometimes they made me sad.


But you fought every day
In true Caden’s way
You defied what Drs said
And you just went ahead


And wrote your own book
One day others will look
For different not the ordinary
For you were extraordinary.


With your infectious smile
The very best by a mile
You were loved so much by all
From tiny baby to a boy so tall


At the hospice or school
You broke all the rules
You did things your way
‘Oh No!’ we had to say!


Our gorgeous boy is now in heaven
His angel wings he has been given,
No more fighting, no more pain
One day we will all meet again.




Caden, you were so small at 4lb when you came to us at 9 days old. Dr’s said you wouldn’t live past 2 years old but we had you for 9 3/4 years. Your smile was infectious, the biggest smile ever! We all love you and miss you so much but you will be forever in our hearts. Love you now and always little man xxx

Dedicate a tree in the Forest of Memories for a loved one lost because of Covid-19.

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