Bob Pape

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19/01/1967 – 22/09/2020

Bob lived in Altrincham Cheshire but was born in Boston Lincs


Above all else, Bob believed in the power of justice and love. Being born in A country like Britain with the Rule of law and a people who were decent law-abiding folk was something he held dear. As a lawyer, he fought for the weak, for the man in the street. Those who had no one to advocate for them.


His ability to argue his point with integrity and wit meant 4 children have been raised knowing when to fight, and when to fold. His love of travel meant we travelled the world, opening our children’s minds one country at a time. He never looked on my 3 children any differently from his own biological son. He loved them equally, and without judgement.



I will miss his dry wit, his infectious laugh, his huge bear hugs which made me feel so safe.
The children have been robbed of his huge jovial presence at their weddings, graduations and important millstones. My daughter, who is following her stepdad into the law will never have a chance to see him been with pride when she graduates and has her first case as a barrister.
He leaves an indelible footprint on the world and our hearts, and we will never forget you or stop loving you Bob Pape, my Peter Pan, my Yogi bear, the better part of me.

Dedicate a tree in the Forest of Memories for a loved one lost because of Covid-19.

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