Ann Fitzgerald

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15/11/1954 – 07/04/2020




Ann was my soulmate for 47 years, she was a wonderful mother to our two children Gary and Rachel. She had varying jobs, and for many years worked in bars eventually owning her own pub. Her last job was working in debt management helping people who were in trouble and vulnerable.



Ann was the funniest, bubbliest, most quick-witted person you could ever meet, She never had a bad word for anyone and was a person who would lift your spirits if you were feeling down. She is sorely missed by Tony her husband, and Gary and Rachel her son and daughter, and Sarah her daughter-in -law, and James a future son-in-law.


Ann had an amazing ability to make everyone who met her feel a better person. She was truly unique and I am lost without her love & friendship. If only I could have held her, which I never had the opportunity to do before she passed away. I miss Ann every second, of every minute of every day.




Ann died all alone due to the Covid restrictions, The fact she had no one with her haunts me. My son and daughter never had an opportunity to say goodbye to their mum. Having a Memory Tree dedicated to her means a living thing here on earth is something they can relate to and will live on for Ann.

Dedicate a tree in the Forest of Memories for a loved one lost because of Covid-19.

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